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17 Thousand Sq Ft Texas Lodge

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Click to see interior and builder for huge Texas Lodge. The lodge as well as the surrounding 30 plus homes were Canadian built by Peco Log Homes and are used as vacation rentals in the beautiful foot

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A Short Video of How to Build a Handcrafted Log Cabin

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Watch as the video takes you on a quick view of how one log is fit on top of another with great precision in the process of handcrafting a log cabin The through bolting system they use to hold the

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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The old wheat farmer said to me, "I live in a Rasmussen Log Home!" Well, imagine my surprise! It was so unexpected to go visit a friend in Twisp, Washington and have her old neighbour come by and tel

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Alaska Bound!

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Shane is working really hard to get this cabin ready to ship to Alaska! He is drilling holes in the logs as each layer comes down. This is for the threaded rod that we will insert when we reassemble

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Amazing Colorado Dream House

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Testimonial: Grayson and Patricia Connor, Crested Butte, Colorado There are lots of log homes in our ski resort town of Crested Butte, Colorado, but none of the others come even close to matching the

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Amazing Kitchen Carving

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We have an excellent carver that works for us at a surprisingly reasonable rate. Check out some of the other carvings she has done for us.

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Cute, Cozy, Cheap

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This little cabin is just as cute on the inside as it is on the outside. Small means affordable. We just refinished this cabin and it looks amazing. Hard to believe it was built 35 years ago. That

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Do it Yourself and Save Money

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CLEAN AND RESTORE; First and foremost,chlorine bleach is not a good product to use. In addition to its potential for damaging the finish and bare wood fibers, its use and misuse contributes to a numbe

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Do You Like Tiny Homes

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Click for interior picture and floor plan. I'm curious to hear what people think of Tiny Homes. Please let me know what you think :)

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Dream Hunters

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Click to see other unique and beautiful cabins!

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Expert Advice on Home Sealant

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SMOOTH LOG CAULK Woodsman is a high performance, elastic sealant for general use around your house. It can be used during construction between logs, in butt-joints, around windows, doors, woodwork,

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