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Marmot Invasion !!!

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SUPER COOL VIDEO ( Click website link below to view )

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Cheap Log Home Rates! Check it out!

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It is challenging to know just where to find that affordable magical forest dream cottage to rent for that seasonal retreat or two-week flee-from-the-office getaway. With Whistler being typically over

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Crazy Looking Cabin Even More Crazy Inside!!!

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In a world where everything seems to be so square, a crazy looking log cabin like this one stretches the imagination of what can be done in the world of construction, especially when left up to a mind

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Busted a Gut on this one. A farm dog was kept in a bag a little too long for his liking and goes crazy when he is freed. Apparently this pooch gets a kick out of hiding in this bag and takes great joy

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Charming Log Cabin, You Must See Inside

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Once upon a time, in a faraway place, in a far away land, there was a place where one could go to escape reality and live in a dream. That place was a magical forest dream cottage, and that person was

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Magical Forest Dream Cottage!

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Along the Kootenay Rockies of British Columbia, tucked between gardens, cedar, and lake, lie the contents of a "Magical Forest Dream Cottage." Three log cabins make up this vision, created fir

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ONE OF A KIND Leather Travel Computer Bag!

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Every bag is a unique creation. Created by a local artist. This custom design was created for a customer that travels frequently on business mostly by plane. This bag is designed and padded to carry


Amazing Interior in this Cozy Cabin

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This Cozy little cabin sits snug and warm on the coldest of winter days. Charm exudes from the most amazing kitchen to a warm and cozy fireplace set in a spacious living room.

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Nestled high in the mountains surrounded by the tall native Lodge pole Pines The Bitter Root Cabin is the perfect place to unwind after an adventurous day playing in the mountains of Big Sky Montana.

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After seeing this video, you will want to go here!

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What an awesome place to really enjoy Old Man Winter at his finest in Big Sky Montana.

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Click on the Youtube link below to Watch this INCREDIBLE VIDEO as these guys put this entire log cabin shell back together in one day.

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Nothing compliments wood better than rock and stone! From the Granite quarry's to natural river stone, Rock and Stone have a way of giving a feeling of permanence and strength to a log home or cabin.

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