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"The Hipster"

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This one of a kind belt is called The Hipster.

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8 Million Horses Died For Us

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It's difficult to think of how many innocent horses died during the first world war.  My heart breaks for them and the families that lost beloved horses and ponies when they were requisitioned for th

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A rescue case with a beautiful ending

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This sad little guy was found abandoned on a hillside. He wasn't getting enough food and water. His name is Miller and he is a very special little guy which is what Sally White saw when she first laid

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Academic Art of Riding Instructor ​ Alexandra Bohl of Germany Comes to Canada to Teach

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Why was my Visit from Alexandra Bohl so amazing and wonderful? 10 full days of lessons on my 3 riding horses, talking AAR and studying photos from the lessons. ( the other cool part, Celine Rieck AAR

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Accepting Students for Academic Art of Riding

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I have just returned from 2 months training in Denmark with Bent Branderup the Grand Master and founder of Academic Art of Riding.  It was an amazing learning experience. He is truly a gifted teacher

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After seeing this video, you will want to go here!

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What an awesome place to really enjoy Old Man Winter at his finest in Big Sky Montana.

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Are You Insured For Horse Related Injuries?

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Katie's Story. Katie started a lesson program with her horse in 2014 and as we all do purchased HCBC Horse Insurance Policy which is a requirement when taking lessons. Sadly, tragedy struck when

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Have You Ever heard of Someone Riding a Cow

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Apparently riding cows and steers is not a new idea.  I had no idea that many pioneer school children would ride the family cow to school instead of the horse because the horse needed to be used for

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Have you Heard of "The Academic Art of Riding?"

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The Academic Art of Riding blends the wisdom and experience of the historical riding masters with the modern knowledge of Bio mechanics to bring balance to the horse and teach feel to the rider. Toget

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How Probiotics Help Horses

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Listen To Your Horse

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I stopped regularly riding my gelding, Spero, a couple years ago. I was using a bitless, treeless set-up with, I thought, pretty good results. We’d spent years riding trails together, and then spent

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