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The Importance of Probiotics in horses!

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There is that old saying, “no foot, no horse.” a strong case can also be made for “no gut, no horse.” in the wild, a horse moves up to 15 miles in a day and eats for 18 to 20 hours per day.

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Are You Insured For Horse Related Injuries?

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Katie's Story. Katie started a lesson program with her horse in 2014 and as we all do purchased HCBC Horse Insurance Policy which is a requirement when taking lessons. Sadly, tragedy struck when

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How Probiotics Help Horses

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A Short Video of How to Build a Handcrafted Log Cabin

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Watch as the video takes you on a quick view of how one log is fit on top of another with great precision in the process of handcrafting a log cabin The through bolting system they use to hold the

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Have You Ever heard of Someone Riding a Cow

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Apparently riding cows and steers is not a new idea.  I had no idea that many pioneer school children would ride the family cow to school instead of the horse because the horse needed to be used for

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Saved From Slaughter

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Rescued off a slaughter truck, a broken down Amish plow horse shows the world what is possible when given a chance.  I wonder how many other horses, or people for that matter, if given the chance wou

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A rescue case with a beautiful ending

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This sad little guy was found abandoned on a hillside. He wasn't getting enough food and water. His name is Miller and he is a very special little guy which is what Sally White saw when she first laid

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This Incredible Horse is a Hero!

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You won't believe the incredible things this little 14 hh, 900 lb chestnut mare did during the Korean war!  The incredible thing is she was never forced to do things that were asked of her, once she

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8 Million Horses Died For Us

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It's difficult to think of how many innocent horses died during the first world war.  My heart breaks for them and the families that lost beloved horses and ponies when they were requisitioned for th

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Free Equine Osteopathic Demonstration

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Dr. Taylor graduated from veterinary school in 1989. Over the years she began to incorporate a

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I Need Some Advice on Custom Chaps

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Help me decide on these beautiful custom chaps.  I'm new to chaps and they all look stunning to me.  Custom chaps are an expensive investment so I want to make an informed choice.

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Are You Horse Crazy?

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Click to see how many you will answer yes too!  Please feel free to add to this list too! We would love to hear other horse crazy ideas! :) Any conversation that comes up always ends up b