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Magnificent Post and Beam

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The Truckee design is a rustic mixture of large handcrafted logs, stone and vertical siding. Post and beam construction provides the grandeur of handcrafted logs without overpowering the small cabin.

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Donkey Nanny!

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Donkey Nanny, Lombardy, Italy. In the early spring shepherds drive huge flocks of livestock, here sheep, mules, donkeys, and goats from the Pre-Alpine hills to the plains of Lombardy, for grazing. Th

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Rustic Beauty

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The Telluride is an eye catching single level plan that uses mixed materials to create a one-of-a-kind look. Milled log walls have a draw knifed finish and large handcrafted logs support the great roo

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Canadian Log House Ships To Japan

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"Successfully completion of Nasu Highland Villa S House today. Body aching muscles feel... age" says Takuma Suzuki owner of Bellewood Log Homes.

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Are You Ready Yet?

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I love a horse that wants to get out for a ride. I just got a new horse after being out of horses for 4 years that really loves to get out. How nice it is to not have to push a lazy horse to go....

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Cheap Land

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Inexpensive land is available for homesteading if you just look in the right places, each state's Bureau of Land Management is a great place to start. The first question that comes to mind is, "Is any

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Don't Cut Those Whiskers

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Why horses need their whiskers attached to their beautiful faces The trimming of a horse’s whiskers is illegal in Germany whereas many English associations promote this. Strange, huh? You may be


Huge Horse

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Wow, what a huge horse. Has anyone seen a horse this big? This Shire horse named Cracker was measured at 19.2 in Britain in 2005.