Country Living on an Early Spring Day

Country living on an early spring day! Yeah! Spring feels like it’s finally here. I saw the first wild flower peeking its cheerful little yellow head out today… sigh. I love this time of year. The warmth from the sun feels so so good. It is a healing light that makes me want to dance and sing and laugh and play. Today was the first day I hung my laundry out on the line. I always look forward to this in spring. I love the sweet smell of my clothes after they’ve spent a day out in the warm sun and gentle breeze. The scent is that of new life bursting forth all around me and infusing my clothes with it’s delightful aroma. The rough towels feel wonderfully invigorating on my skin after my shower.

While hanging my laundry out I was accompanied by my two faithful black panthers darting back and forth enjoying the morning sunshine as much as I was. I was delighted by the sights and sounds of birds that were not there just a few days ago. This is country living at its best on an early spring day!

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March 11, 2015


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