Feel Better NOW

Feel Better NOW

I feel better now. OK. In this video, we are going to talk about how to feel better. If you’re not feeling good, if you’ve been struggling with the blues, some depression, some frustration, whatever the case may be, you’re just not feeling good. This is how you can feel better. OK, so this is coming from a bit of personal experience. The last couple of days here, in particular, I’ve been fighting through some of the blues. I’m like, come on, this is just this just sucks. How do I get my headspace to look at things in an optimistic way? Again, talking yourself out of feeling bad is very tricky. It’s not actually the way to do it either. Here’s how to do it. Here’s what really kind of worked for me. And this is going to take a whipping, the whipping the dog. That sounds like a terrible expression. This is going to take a cracking the whip. That’s better cracking the whip on yourself because you’re not going to want to do this. You’re not going to you’re you’re the part of you, your body-mind, the part of you, the mammalian part of you that wants to establish balance and equilibrium and just be OK with feeling kind of lazy and just be low energy. There’s a part of you that wants all that and it’s not going to want to do this. So you’re going to have to crack the whip on yourself. I don’t know where Whip the dog came from. I think that might also be an expression, but that’s not a very nice expression. Anyway, here’s what to do. Number one, look on YouTube for Wim Hof breathing wife HSF Imhoff breathing exercise. You will find a beginner breathing exercise. It’s fantastic.

Ok, you’re going to want to do this breathing exercise three to four times in the day space in the space. The exercise is out by about four hours and I try to do them on a mostly empty stomach. They can be a little bit uncomfortable if you have recently eaten. This exercise helps you to really relax and helps you to charge and vitalize your energies. It also helps you to go inside of your feelings, inside of your sort of vibratory being, if you will. And it helps. I find a lot to bring to mind what’s malfunctioning inside, what sort of thinking process is going on which is causing you to feel bad. The other thing is that you are not going to want to do this. It takes a bit of concentrated effort and it’s minor stress, healthy stress, but minor stress to perform. This exercise feels fantastic, mind you. And once you kind of get into it, you will absolutely love it. But it’s minor stress to start and you’re going to have to crack the whip on yourself to actually get your body-mind to cooperate. OK, so that’s phase one. You might feel better after just one of these practices. It really depends on how deeply in your shit you are. So if you’re way deep in your shit, you may have to do this a few times. You have to do it three or four times throughout the day. Um, but, you know, if you’re just feeling moderately off-center, you know, one session could make you feel fantastic and turn your whole day and next week’s to come around, I don’t know. It’s really dependent on you and you’re on your honor, your level of of of shit depth, depth ness. That’s a horrible way of saying that. OK, here’s the other part.

Jump yourself into a cold shower. And again, you’re not going to want to do this. It’s not going to feel comfortable. But turn the shower on cold. Don’t start with warm. Just turn my shower on cold hop right in. Get under it. Stay there for about a minute or two and get your head under it. Turn around, get your back, lift your arms up, get under your arms wherever you start to warm up. Put water on that point, because if you just stand there in one spot, you’ll start to get a bit of a resistance to it. So turn yourself around, get the cold flying all over you, and don’t let yourself get comfortable within that. Just keep that cold. Come in. Pouring on. You’re not going to like it. But here’s the thing. It’s going to transition your awareness, your conscious state away from your ship and into survival. It’s got your emotional center is going to be like, what the hell is going on? What what the hell is going on? I don’t have time to be in my shit right now. It’s time to put the fuck is all this cold. Right. OK, so and what that’s going to ultimately do as well as you’re going to get out of that shower and you’re going to feel your vascular system has been pumped and charge you your your your cardio is going to be kind of kicked in and energized and you’re going to be feeling awake and alive and just like, wow, yeah. You’re going to be feeling great. You’re going to be feeling great because a cold shower has that effect. Don’t end your shower with warmth either.

Go cold, getting cold, get out cold, let your body do its thing, but let your body’s shift away from your internal monkey mind chatter shit that’s going on and get into your alive state. OK, so do this once. And if that doesn’t work, give yourself a few hours and you find yourself getting back into your shit when you get it to start when your mind gets into your shit. Get your head under the water under that cold water again. Get back in the shower. Shock the system. OK, now this is surprisingly effective I did this today and this is after, you know, several days of just trying to think my way out of my shit, just not having much luck. And today I was like, you know what? Just whatever when I start to get into that monkey mind chatter, that’s just kind of bringing me down right now. And I don’t seem to be able to change that thinking. You know what? Forget it. I’m not going to try to fix that. I’m not going to jump into a cold shower and damned if that didn’t do the trick combined with, you know, the breathing exercises. Those also feel great combining these two things. And you will feel better. You probably feel better with the first session if it takes a few. You know, as I say, if you’re deep in your shit, it takes a few.

So just crack the whip. Yeah. You will not want to do it. And that’s the key, right? Because your body-mind is trying to have control over you right now. You’re that part of your your your if your mind, which is kind of wants to be comfortable, wants to be lazy, wants to be sloppy, that’s trying to have control over you. And that’s part of why you’re feeling bad because we don’t feel great in that state. That’s a low energy state, this low vibrational state. We don’t feel great in that state. But you know what? It’s a valuable survival thing that was helpful at some point when food was scarce and we needed to conserve energy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Right. But if that’s not how you want to be feeling, if you want to change your state, try these techniques. They really helped me. And I think they’ll help you, too. But like I say, you’re really going to have to force yourself because you’re not going to want to do it. So if you can manage to force yourself, you’ve basically won the battle and you’ll feel better, I’m sure, lickety-split. OK, I hope this works. I hope this helps somebody have a good one.

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