Just for Now, Just Be Here Now

Just for Now, Just Be Here Now

Just for now, just be now, that’s the idea that keeps flashing into my mind as I’m finishing up my practices, what I’ve noticed in the practice of Wim Hof breathing, which is a breathing technique, that’s it just feels so amazing. It’s a technique that I started about a month ago. And I love I love, love it so much. I have done a lot of meditation in my life. But there’s something about Wim Hof breathing that just feels so great. And if you haven’t tried it, it’s on YouTube. Check it out. Search for Wim Hof breathing exercise. You’ll find a breathing exercise. It just feels so good. But to my point of being now, just for now, what I noticed is that whilst doing this breathing exercise, there are pauses in between the breathing. So the exercise in a nutshell starts out with 40 deep breaths in and out. And then you pause for one minute. And during this pause, there is a feeling of such calm and peace and serenity and this exuberance, this feeling of just joy that seems to bubble up inside. It was a really wonderful feeling, truly, deeply relaxing and joyful feeling in between rounds. And so for 60 seconds, you’re in between around and you’re not breathing. Your breath is exhaled and you’re just in that moment and for the first. Few seconds, I find myself there. Just feeling so good. And then what I noticed happens is that my mind suggests an idea, it’s like here’s a thought for you.

What about this? What about that? Some thought about my life, some thought about an idea I might have, et cetera, et cetera. And usually I like these ideas, like my mind is entertained by ideas and thoughts. However, what I noticed is that when the mind is thinking, it moves it away rather quickly from that feeling of pure relaxation, of tranquility, of exuberance, that feeling that I had just a moment ago, when my mind starts to become busy and it starts to fire its neuro synaptic pathways, I don’t really know the science terms, but it when it starts to think that amazing feeling starts starting, starts to shift away, it starts to starts to go away. And my my nervous system, my emotional state and my feeling of tranquility is replaced by a bit of a feeling of let’s call it busyness. A bit of a feeling of I’m not really sure, but it’s not a feeling of that relaxation that I had just for just a moment ago in between around. And so I kept noticing this happen as I as I as I practice this breathing exercise, the women have breathing exercise in between rounds. And it occurred to me that just for one moment, just for 60 seconds in between rounds, is it so much to ask that just for this moment, just for this one minute, can I not be just in this moment and enjoy this feeling of serenity and peace and bliss? Because as soon as the mind starts thinking it, it pulls my it pulls that. It pulls that feeling away.

Somehow it becomes that that busy, distracted mind pulls that pulls my my attention away from just the energy and the relaxation that my body is feeling that that that and so on to. To to expand on that a little bit, that relaxation, that exuberance, that joy, that blissful feeling, that is a state of healing, that is perhaps the most powerful state of healing that the body can naturally go into.

And most of the time in our lives, we humans, unfortunately, are not in a state of pure relaxation, but based on a lot of my studies over the last five years, let’s say when I since I really started looking into health and wellness based on my studies of of Joe Dispenza teachings and and looking into things like cannabis, medicinal cannabis and and well, you know, meditations and all these different things.

One, the one thing that all of these these different ideas seem to share in common is that the healing state that is pursued. Is this state of pure relaxation?

So in medicinal cannabis, for example, it works miracles on some people. Some people have reported amazing healing. Uh, I come from medicinal cannabis, however, not everybody.

For example, cannabis can have a different effect on different people, some people, it will totally relax. And some people, it will make a bit paranoid, I, unfortunately fall into the latter category, but I did experience that true and pure relaxation from time to time and that made me go home. The other component of that, like I say, is in deep meditations and some of the some of the amazing teaching that I learned about from Joe Dispenza. If you haven’t heard of Joe Dispenza, check out his book, You Are the Placebo.

That’s a beautiful book. And his follow up book, Becoming Supernatural. Those two books are amazing. They will change the way you think about life, about health, about wellness, about life, about your actual inner power. They are just amazing. Um, but the fundamental core of what Joe Dispenza also teaches are these deep meditative practices in which that goal and design is to arrive at the state of pure relaxation, this powerful state of pure relaxation. Now, I found the meditations to be good that Joe Dispenza taught. However, the breathing technique that Imhoff teaches is just on a whole other level. The women of breathing technique in a matter of about 18 minutes manages to put my mind into this state of such relaxation that I, I it’s it’s just after after a forty breath, uh, session, forty breaths, session in and out, hold your breath and then you repeat this a few times. Those in-between times are just so relaxing. And to cap off this thought, it occurs to me that in order to allow just just to allow our busy brains are busy. Bodies are, you know, in this in this sometimes hectic life of go, go, go and think, think, think to just allow just for a moment, just to be in this moment without all the busy thought. Because if we are somehow able to do that and and it’s not easy because the mind is so busy, it doesn’t want to shut up, but it occurs to me that the practice of just allowing the mind to be here now. In that state. Of pure relaxation. Is also that state of pure relaxation, because our natural state is Blace, our natural state, just this amazing feeling of pure relaxation. And so if. If for a moment we can just allow ourselves to be there, I think it is a very powerful, healing, rejuvenating state that will help to charge your mind, your energy, your attitude, your optimism on life. And also it will help to heal your body, heal your emotional state, heal your vibratory being all the things that make up who and what we as humans are.

And so I suggest the practice of practicing the allowance of ourselves just to be. Here just for now, and that’s that’s the idea that I’ve started to remind myself in between sessions during Wim Hof, but you could apply this to your meditation, you could apply this to even a moment in life if you could just relax your mind for one moment.

Just for one moment. I found I had a hard time even doing that. 60 seconds in between breathing rounds, even one minute, even ten seconds without a busy mind was difficult. However, I did note that it was possible to bring my calmness and my relaxation back in by reminding myself just for now.

Be here now. And so I wanted to share that idea just for now, be here now, just for now, be here now. It’s almost like a mantra, right? But it also gives the mind a bit of a guidance just for now. Be here now.

Anyway, that’s this video. I hope somebody has enjoyed it. And I’ll see y’all in the next video. We will be talking more about Krystal’s, I’m sure. Just a little something I wanted to share. OK, have a great day.

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