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Washed Away Log and Stone

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In the space of a few moments this beautiful home sitting to close to the Methow river in Washington Was washed away as the river overflowed its banks

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Out of the Mist

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This 110 year old log barn has stood the test of time and still.. stands strong against the elements providing protection from wind and rain to a few horses on the farm. Log structures have a way of

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Are You Ready Yet?

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I love a horse that wants to get out for a ride. I just got a new horse after being out of horses for 4 years that really loves to get out. How nice it is to not have to push a lazy horse to go....

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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The old wheat farmer said to me, "I live in a Rasmussen Log Home!" Well, imagine my surprise! It was so unexpected to go visit a friend in Twisp, Washington and have her old neighbour come by and tel

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Master Builders First Log Home

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The first log home built by the Master Builder when he was only 24 years old. Pretty amazing isn't it for such a young man.

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Stump Stools Are Easy To Make And Look Great

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I know. This seems ridiculous. But I just love these little buggers. It seems they’ll fit in just about any space: Next to a tub. (I do a lot of bathrooms.) Tucked in next to a chair. Outdoors, as a

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DIY Tiny Cabin With Plans

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"About 5 years ago I purchased your Kenora II cabin plans. I finally got around to building the cabin and wanted to share a picture of the final product. The cabin is in a remote location in the i

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Expert Tip To Keep Your Cabin Cozy

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The chinking sealant between these logs will keep this cabin warm and cozy all winter. We like to chink inside and out to eliminate cracks or spaces for air flow and also pesky critters like; bees, w

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Simple Inexpensive Living

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Lifetime roofing, natural cedar siding, and Integrity Ultrex windows create a beautiful appearance and lasting quality. Wildflower was our 1st design for simpler living. The Sweet Life series is a wo

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Fish Camp Cabin With Plans

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Fish Camp is a small cabin plan with a loft on the upper level. The upper level is 21’4″ X 16’4″ which provides enough room for six bunks, one full size bunk-bed and furniture. Barn Doors look

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Cheap Land

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Inexpensive land is available for homesteading if you just look in the right places, each state's Bureau of Land Management is a great place to start. The first question that comes to mind is, "Is any

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