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Eureka Springs Arkansas

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Great fishing, Great Sunsets, Great Food, Great People

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Master Builders First Log Home

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The first log home built by the Master Builder when he was only 24 years old. Pretty amazing isn't it for such a young man.

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I Love Great Stairs

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Great stairs are an important first impression when someone enters your house. Why not wow them with something interesting and unique.

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Stump Stools Are Easy To Make And Look Great

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I know. This seems ridiculous. But I just love these little buggers. It seems they’ll fit in just about any space: Next to a tub. (I do a lot of bathrooms.) Tucked in next to a chair. Outdoors, as a

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Canadian Built Home Wins Best Log Home In Japan

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For 28 years Rasmussen Log Homes and then our other company Peco Log Homes have been building log homes for Japanese log home builder Belle Wood owned by Takuma Suzuki. The early years building for J

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Writers Haven Has Cheap Plans

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THE WRITER'S HAVEN- one of my all time favorite tiny house/cabin designs.... Today's post is for the sake of inspirational eye candy for MYSELF, as well, hopefully, as all of you. This little cabin

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17 Thousand Sq Ft Texas Lodge

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Click to see interior and builder for huge Texas Lodge. The lodge as well as the surrounding 30 plus homes were Canadian built by Peco Log Homes and are used as vacation rentals in the beautiful foot

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Expert Tip To Keep Your Cabin Cozy

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The chinking sealant between these logs will keep this cabin warm and cozy all winter. We like to chink inside and out to eliminate cracks or spaces for air flow and also pesky critters like; bees, w

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Charming Slovakia Vacation Rental

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Comfortable Rustic cottage quietly situated in the beautiful surroundings of the peak Tokáreň, habitat municipalities Bachledova Valley and Blaščatská Valley, district Poprad. In winter there are

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Tiny Living

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The 'Tiny Living' design consists of a large family room with vaulted ceilings and large dormers on either side of the room. The entryway is situated at the back of the trailer allowing for a spacious

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Funky Furniture

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Click for more pics. I love the interesting creative ideas people come up with for furniture. They must really love doing it because it looks great!