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Tiny cabin is Huge inside

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Tiny footprint - Huge space- you gotta see this to believe it.

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Tiny Cabin Huge Space a Must See !

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Unbelievable tiny cabin turns a small space into a luxury in the forest

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Wait til you see the inside. It just doesn't get any cuter than this lil cabin in the woods of Washington

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Timber Princess

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Hard at work fine sanding picnic tables for Tunkwa Lake Resort in Merritt B.C., Canada.

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This place will blow you away!

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In life, it's always a pleasure to have a vacation, and visit somewhere different, stay in a different kind of atmosphere.  This Leanin K – pool property is a wonderful place to visit for the whole


This might be the strongest Log roof system ever made!

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Well, that is certainly a major concern these days what with Hurricanes , Tornadoes and Earthquakes happening like never seen before.

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This massive lodge will blow your socks off!!

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What a great experience it is to be able to have a vacation, to get away from it all and relax at a cabin in nature.  This Big Timber Lodge – pool, waterfront property is absolutely amazing in its

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This lofty cabin is simply astonishing!

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How about sleeping in a tree house? A luxury tree house, of course. Cross the simple wooden bridge from the main Golden Oak cabin (sleeping up to 8) into an exclusive, en-suite room for two. The Golde

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Think you know which species of wood is the best for a log home?

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Log homes are one of the best and most sustainable ways to build a home these days.  There are so many different types of wood to use when building one though, do you think you know which species of


These Raccoons love this log cabin

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Located near Mount Nittany and Lewisburg in Pennsylvania, this gorgeous little log cabin offers a perfect place to be away from it all for people and animals alike. The wily Raccoon has the best of

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These fireplaces have something very special..

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The log home fireplaces featured here showcase a stunning array of monumental stone hearths.    Reaching from the Rockies to the Catskills and Appalachians, they are as bold and breathtaking as the

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