10 of the Quietest Places on Earth

Just let your imagination fly and it is amazing what one can come up with for a simple style of tiny home or cabin in the wilderness

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Scattered all over the mountains of Norway , these Tiny Earth cabins are probably some of the coolest and possibly the least expensive places that you can rent for your wilderness outing anywhere.

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For as little as $5 a night, you can stay in one of these amazing works of art fashioned from what was close by to create an environment that blends in like no other.


Simply using twisted logs for roof structures and earth and sod for the roofs .

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A cozy place to rest one‘s weary body after a long day of hiking in the mountains nearby,

these Koiene as they are called in Norway are part of a hiking and trail system in the Trondelag countryside.

Snow shoeing,x countryskiing, back packing are some of the many activities here.


Usually situated along a stream or beside a lake , these tiny cabins have no electricity, running water or indoor toilets

They do have propane cook stoves and washing up is usually done in the lake or nearby streams

It takes a fairly hardy individual to take this on but the rewards of the nature are well worth it

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Check out more about these Tiny Cabins through the link below

Website -eh-n) are a system of tiny, convenient cabins scattered around the countryside of Trøndelag, Norway
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