10 Reasons to consider a Vertical Style Log Cabin

 # 1- The cost  to have a vertical cabin built for you is probably 1/2 that of a horizontal style building.

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        # 2- The ease of locating logs to purchase basically that are not much longer than 10’on average compared to that of a horizontal style log home that typically needs logs that are perfectly straight up to 60 ft long in some cases

         # 3- Vertical log shells can be built in half of the time of that of a horizontal building.

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         # 4- The need for large and expensive heavy equipment is reduced drastically and in some cases eliminated al together

         # 5- Due to the direction of the cracks that may form in a log, virtually none of the cracks in a vertical log home will direct water infiltration back into the home which can happen with a horizontal log home.


         # 6- Windows and doors can be installed directly to the logs with no worries about settling or shrinkage of the walls since logs do not shrink vertically

         # 7- Wiring can be installed easily between the logs where as with a horizontal log wall, each log has to be drilled to allow the wire to pass through.

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         # 8- Plumbing can also be easily be installed at any level of the home without worry about wall shrinkage and slip jointing connections

         # 9- Shipping and re assembly of a vertical log home can be done much more easily without the high cost of heavy equipment.


          # 10- Last but not least, a vertical log home can be a very unique way to create your dream cabin in the woods


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