220 YEAR OLD LOG CABIN - Stunning interior !

Nothing says Eco Friendly better than this 220 year log cabin.


Imagine what it must have been like way back in 1795

There were no cars , electricity had not yet been invented and certainly, none of the modern conveniences were available that we have today.


Yet, back in the day, these men of the log building era were able to construct a home that could withstand all the storms and winters and windstorms and still look beautiful and set in nature in a way that says it belongs here forever.

Blending in with nature easy as the trees and stones that surround it.

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Imagine sitting by a cozy fire sipping on a hot beverage while the cold winds blow outside.

Or enjoying the warm pine scented breezes while protected from the sun  by the spacious and cozy veranda overlooking the meadow.1795-cabin-611


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