45 of the most Amazing Tine Homes Ever, You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

People are really starting to think about the benefits of living in tiny homes.. things like more

energy efficient, easier to clean and maintain, cosy and intimate (our favourite!) less expensive and

just really a unique place to live. These are all great things and we had a look for some of the most

unique ones out there.


We came up with some great ones! You won’t believe your eyes! Fairy tale houses, tree houses,

cute little cabins, floating cabins, there is no end to the variety out there – you really are limited

only by your imagination.


Imagine living in a tree house, we think it’s a lot like living in a sailboat. It sways in the wind like a

boat on the sea. The hardest part is figuring out the logistics of building it up in the branches..

finding the right tree is the key! One sturdy enough to support the weight of the house and healthy

enough not to tip over in a storm. Once its built, you really get to live the dream of being up in the


So amazing!


Boat houses have always been popular too, but with the advance in design of tiny homes, there

have been some really wonderful floating houses being built. Clever use of glass and proper

design and you have somewhere really special to spend your days. Quiet and crisp and plenty of

fresh air and light in the winter and an indoor outdoor lifestyle in the summer with platforms for

sunbathing and diving into the lake from. Bliss!


There really is no end to the variety out there, even tiny houses that look like they are part of the

landscape, look twice and you would miss them, but they are incredibly energy efficient and often

made with recycled materials. Add a green roof and you have a perfect private secluded nature

retreat, and you can feel good about the environment and the materials you are using to create this

idyllic little cabin.


Check out the pictures and choose your favourite, something a little out there, or just the perfect

little traditional cabin with a classic porch to enjoy your view from. Anything is possible!


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