A little piece of heaven cabin in the woods!

When you are just looking for somewhere to get away from it all, you might be happy to find  A little piece of heaven cabin in the woods!  With life as hectic as it can be day to day, week to week, especially if you live in the city limits, you will be craving to get away from the hustle and bustle of life by finding a little piece of heaven like this in the forest.  Log cabins can be one of the best places to let go and forget about the world for a while, to return to nature and to your own inner rhythms.

This specific resort is located at Polebridge in Glacier Country in Montana.  This place is the perfect, remote location to get away from it all, and it is like getting a little taste for off grid living as well, since this 40 acres of property is off grid with electric and generator power.  Just like being in a cabin in the woods should be!  You can relish in the simplicity of life in the forest, in one of their lovely 2 story cabins, which can sleep up to 7 people!  The price per night is only $130, which is a great deal for a whole cabin!

All you have to do is bring your necessities and cook your own meals, which can be fun and an affordable way to do a trip.

 There is indoor plumbing, and there is at leas one bathroom in every cabin.  Wildlife and activities are right in your own back yard, with different species of birds showing up all of the time, and even larger animals like black bears and grizzly bears.  You might even spot a couple of Moose while you are there.  What a wonderful place to go for a relaxing retreat away from it all!  Make sure you look through all of their awesome photos!


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