Academic Art of Riding Instructor ​ Alexandra Bohl of Germany Comes to Canada to Teach

Why was my Visit from Alexandra Bohl so amazing and wonderful?
10 full days of lessons on my 3 riding horses, talking AAR and studying photos from the lessons. ( the other cool part, Celine Rieck AAR photographer made the same journey ). For myself living in a remote area and studying Academic Riding through Bent Branderups videos and reading, books and books and books, to actually have knowledgeable eyes on the ground for endless days was truly special.
The other parts like she's a wonderful teacher with a super eye for detail, and a lovely person just made our time more brilliant!
Because it was August the weather was perfect! Beautiful sun every day!

Public Events

Together, Alexandra and I, held 4 public evening events, wanting to share our love of AAR and hopefully show local riders beneficial aspects of Academic training. Basically we demoed everything we could, to the level of my horses, my knowledge. Here's a and how to use it, ground work, hand work, working in hand, long reining and riding.
Each evening we had a small turn out, I felt nervous and sick before we started the first night but got over it quick and if I got stuck Alexandra had promised to save me, which she did....

a good friend, yes!
Lets just say it was great fun, we were a good team, and the team was big, it included, Alexandra, Celine, Phil Maclean, Bella, Asha, Star, Cinder and myself.
We shared a lot of great Academic information.


More Happened too!

I didn't feel sad when Alexandra left Powell River, because I went too! We packed up the little car and made the 6 hour journey to Langley, B.C. and met up with Sylvia Baur, another rider in love with AAR. She had organized a clinic in Langley for Alexandra. It was an awesome time. The lessons were loved, and Sylvia was a great hostess, with gorgeous horses!
The best part, everyone wanted Alexandra to come back!!! ​So in May Alexandra is back for a second clinic.
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