Amazing Montana Cougar Encounter ( makes you think twice )

Scary video of this guys encounter with a Mountain Lion
Go to the Link below to view this very real video encounter
 Well, when we live in the country, we all know that an encounter with a mountain lion, bear or wolf is really rare but entirely possible sooner or later.
I personally have had many encounters with bears , but so far in all of my mountain travels ( 43 years worth in the BC mountains of Canada, I have never yet actually run into a mountain lion, though I have seen evidence that they were recently close by through tracks in the fresh snow or mud.
Have you ever thought of what you would do if you should ever meet up with one on the back country trail far from civilization or help?
Consider this first.
Mountain lions can:
  • Bound up to 40 feet running
  • Leap 15 feet up a tree
  • Climb over a 12 foot fence
  • Travel many miles at 10 mph
  • Reach speeds of 50 mph in a sprint
Also:    A mountain lion is more than capable of killing a human. It doesn't matter how large or strong you are, no human will ever be as strong as a mountain lion, and that's without bringing their huge teeth, powerful jaws and eighteen razor-sharp claws into the equation. However, just because they CAN kill you doesn't mean they WILL.  " Attacks on humans are rare" - they tend to avoid us whenever possible.

If confronted, you can usually intimidate a mountain lion into backing down by raising your arms and shouting - this makes you appear larger and more dangerous. You should never turn your back or run from any predatory animal, as this makes you seem like prey and can initiate the hunting instinct. Also, do not look them in the eye, as direct eye contact is a threat among many animals, including mountain lions, and could increase the likelihood of an attack.

A can of bear spray has been used to repel Cougar attacks
The main thing of course to remember is that cougar sightings are extremely rare and actual attacks even more so, so please enjoy the country
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