Are Log Homes Eco Friendly?


at's the big question for almost everything these days.

All the way from garbage bags to electric cars.

Consider that a log home is made primarily from the most natural product we have on earth.

The sturdy Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine or the everlasting Western Red Cedar

This  amazing living species has been used for centuries and is still being used today to construct super solid , warm and aesthetically pleasing walls and roof systems to surround us and keep the elements at bay


To build a handcrafted log home of course still involves a very hands on approach

Using drawknives to peel the logs and scribers axes and chainsaws to complete the joinery


Needless to say, everything about building a log home is physical and needs persons of healthy mind and body to accomplish the task.

Just to peel a single 50' log requires upwards of 1500 -2000 strokes with a drawknife each stroke requiring an effort of pulling apprx 50 lbs or more a distance of a foot with each pull.

That is truly hands on !

The whole process of building a log home requires hard physical labour.

Heavy machinery is employed of course when heavy logs are being lifted into place.

Hydraulic cranes are typically used for this job.

Log homes have been found to last literally hundreds of years with log buildings being used in Russia over 800 years ago , still standing and strong.

This alone is probably the single most contributing factor of eco friendly that should be considered.

Especially in a world where so much is built to be replaced with new in a very short time frame

This type of construction also creates much needed employment that is not tech or office related.

Basically , a very healthy working environment and when completed leaves a lasting sense of satisfaction and accomplishment on both the builder and the owner.

Homes built to last centuries, not decades.






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