Are You Horse Crazy?

Click to see how many you will answer yes too!  Please feel free to add to this list too! We would love to hear other horse crazy ideas! :)

  1. Any conversation that comes up always ends up being about horses.
  2. Binder twine from your hay fixes everything.
  3. The smell of leather is so much better than perfume.
  4. Your friends pick hay out of your hair when you go out for dinner.
  5. Prefer to shop at the feed store rather than the grocery store.
  6. Didn't realize your boots smelled like the barn till you noticed people sniffing the air wondering where the smell came from.
  7. Faithfully get your horses teeth floated but haven't been to the dentist for years.
  8. Don't mind using the washing machine for washing hairy horse blankets but are grossed out by human hair in the drain.
  9. Clucked at your kids to get them to move faster.
  10. Spend more time preparing your horses meals than your own.