Are You Insured For Horse Related Injuries?

Katie's Story.

Katie started a lesson program with her horse in 2014 and as we all do purchased HCBC Horse Insurance Policy which is a requirement when taking lessons.

Sadly, tragedy struck when she came off her horse on November 30, 2014, on Vancouver Island, B.C. and broke her neck. She broke her c1, c3, c5 and was instantly paralyzed from the armpits down.


She was rushed to Vancouver General Hospital and was in surgery for 9 hours to try to repair the damage done to her vertebrae. She was given the diagnoses of quadriplegic.

She spent 11 long days intubated in ICU. Then on December 31st was transferred to GF Strong for 8 months of intense rehab.


Now wouldn't this be considered "Catastrophic" or "Permanent"? Her insurance company says no, they won't cover her.

katie3                   katie4

A year after the accident she is now able to use a walker to get around in the house.

Her blood pressure is very unstable so she is only able to stay on her feet for about 7 minutes at a time. To do anything functional like work, shop, cook, etc... she must be in her wheelchair.


She doesn't have bladder control and has to urinate by inserting a catheter inter her urethra to empty her bladder, which is painful and causes frequent UTI's.

The bills are mounting with no end in sight.

Her parents have been amazing selling their house to relocate in Victoria so they can help her.  She finds this so difficult knowing how hard they worked to raise 6 kids and now instead of enjoying their retirement they are caring for her and her two children.

So what is it we are actually paying for when we purchase these policies.  This is a small policy not nearly enough for her needs but still would take some financial stress off her shoulders. Why do we buy these policies if we won't actually be covered when we need it most.


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