Big Logs Make an Amazing Home

You can't help but feel safe and warm in a solidly built log home like this. Look at the size of the virgin white pine. These logs were harvested just for this job by Little Log Homes Muskoka themselves. It's important to them to ensure that only the very best logs are chosen for the job.
Each log is hand peeled Knots and defects are sanded smooth for a beautiful finish! Peeled logs are immediately treated. Log floor joists can be added for second floor framing.
Little Log Homes Muskoka is a small company in a small town that takes great pride in the custom craftsmanship they offer their customers. No dream is to small or to big for them. They are happy to help make your dream come true and what better way to do that than to use a custom builder like them that will make your special project unique and special to exactly suit your particular needs.
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They use the Scandinavian full scribe method of building and all their projects are truly handcrafted. They are happy to provide a custom design to best suit your needs. They can also provide roof systems and interior walls for the log home project if that is what you are looking for. If you want Posts, Perlins and decorative logs, they can do that for you too. Building and owning a log home is a dream come true so why not do something extra special with an excellent custom builder like Little Log Homes Muskoka.
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