We’re in love with the design of this tiny home

Ok, so this is something that I can see myself living in and loving. Not only does this tiny home

have an amazing contemporary feel, its also naturally and effortlessly in tune with its surroundings.

Just let go of what you think is normal and check out the lines and shapes of this tiny home. It

reminds us of the sea and of organic shapes and seems to blend so easily into any landscape.


This particular house is in Queensland Australia, and you can see how it fits in with the landscape

that surrounds it. Designed by the architect Simon Laws, this little house is made up of a series of

pods and walkways that are all connected cleverly once they were transported to their final

destination. There are many outdoor areas that surround the main pods of the house, some of

which are covered – such as the dining area, which allows for the rainy season, but also takes

advantage of the wonderful climate that is in this area.


Because of the way this tiny home is put together with pods and interconnecting areas the home

can be customized to the type of landscape that it is using.

Such a clever idea, and its not the only

good idea this home inspired. When designing this type of home, it only makes sense to use the

most natural and low impact materials possible. They did just that with this house. Natural local

timbers were used (naturally oiled and finished) and other neutral and eco conscious materials

were utilized. The mod cons of electricity and warm water are provided by using solar panels, a

great option in Queensland, and greywater is collected in Rainwater tanks and utilized on the



The shape of the house and the way the pods are put together in the home also reduces the

dependence on a heating and cooling system – you can see this in the long sections of the house

pods, and yes, I know, it looks like a turbine, but it’s spectacular and it works!


Take a look at these pictures and see how beautiful thinking outside the box can be, we love it!

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