Cabin Goes Missing But Found Again a Half Mile Away

Deputies found it fully intact less than a mile away.
A log cabin partly owned by a man named Ronald Niederbrach has been the source of a bizarre controversy in rural Oregon this week.
Niederbrach, who originally bought the property, reported it missing Tuesday, according to The Oregonian. That’s right, he reported an entire 1,500-square-foot log cabin missing from this spot.


“When people call and say they’re missing a cabin, it’s certainly strange,” Klamath County Sheriff’s Office detective Eric Shepherd told BuzzFeed News. “You never know what you’re going to get.”
They found it Thursday morning. It was a mere 3,750 feet away from where Niederbracher lost it.

But despite the cabin being so close at hand, it would be hard to see in plain sight without excellent vision and a clear sky, Detective Eric Shepherd told The Oregonian.
So how did any of this happen? Basically, because of a love triangle.

It’s likely a civil dispute, Shepherd said.
Niederbrach shared the property with then-girlfriend, Paulette Kallo, and her ex-husband, Miklos Kallo.

All three share the title.
When Niederbrach and Kallo broke up, he moved out, though he was still a partial owner. Paulette and Miklos Kallo got back together.
The new owner, who is anonymous, bought the cabin last July from Miklos Kallo, who apparently didn’t tell him about the other names on the title. Shortly afterward, he hired a logging company to move it across the nearby meadow on a flatbed.


He didn’t know the whole story behind the property, Shepherd said.
“He was actually very upset, to the point of tears,” Shepherd said of the new owner’s reaction when approached by deputies.
“We have an open investigation,” Shepherd told The Oregonian. “We know where the cabin is. We know it’s not going anywhere — well, hopefully, not again.”

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