Can you believe this amazing and quaint cabin sells for only $1.5million?!

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Screenshot_5-1How much would you pay for this amazing quaint and delightful cabin in the woods? Would you believe you could get this amazing and unique cabin which is on the market for only 1.5 million.Screenshot_1-1

Its really out of this world and if you have the money to spend worth every penny we think! The cabin is nestled in the woods on 1.4 acres and boasts so many unique amenities you will really feel like you won the lottery if you lived here!







The 2700 square foot residence is full of every convenience and modern appliance you might need, but also has retained its charm with the wood interior with beautiful bay windows overlooking the delightful acreage and a traditional but modern kitchen with oak cabinets and every convenience that your heart desires!


This amazing quaint cabin is situated in the beautiful area around Ketchum and is placed along the Warm Springs Creek in the beautiful state of Idaho… a truly delightful spot and you would have endless opportunities for exploring and adventures whether you are the adventurous type or not or you just want to relax in this cabin and let the beauty of your surroundings relax and rejuvenate you. One of the most unique things about this cabin is the natural hot springs that are only less than a mile away from this quaint and beautiful spot.Screenshot_3-1 You can take a leisurely hike there and truly find a spot to ease away the tensions of your busy life.









Another amazing thing about this lovely spot is the covered footbridge that looks like something out of Bridges of Madison County, so romantic and makes this property something really special.

We really loved it and the architecture and design of this cabin really makes it worth every penny we think!


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