Cape Cod Log Cabin from $66,900 Click to View Floorplans and Photos

Log cabins and log homes have long held a place in our hearts as homes that we feel comfortable and cozy in. This Cape Cod Log Cabin from $66,900 Click to View Floor plans and Photos is a great example of why we love log cabins so much, their rustic charm and appeal come from their use of natural materials and the designs that they come in.

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This charming Cape Cod log cabin has a nice steep roof, which allows for a cathedral ceiling inside the Great Room, along with two lofts that can be used as a sleeping area. The steep roof also helps with snow run-off in places that have snowy winters. This beautiful log cabin build also has a large front covered porch with dormers up above that adds to its appeal. This particular style of log cabin build is available in sizes that range from 13 feet by 36 feet up to 15 feet by 48 feet. This Cape Cod log cabin has a downstairs area that has two bedrooms, with a great room that has the dining area/kitchen/living room for a comfortable space to live.

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Shawnee Structures is a small family run log cabin and wooden structure building business that offers high-quality craftsmanship and amazing customer service, due largely to the small size of their business. They serve the Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virgina area of the United States. Their small size allows to give customers personalized service. They presently have ten people working in their company, so that gives them more control over every aspect of the quality that goes out. They build log cabins, storage sheds, camping cabins, mini barns, and garages right in their shop.

Shawnee Structures makes a wide variety of log cabins, wooden sheds, animal sheds, play sets and horse barns that offer additional space where you need it, and can be custom designed to suit your needs.

The company also offers backyard log cabins and sheds that would be great for use as a backyard office, small storage space or guest house. Before you buy any log cabin kits, you always want to know beforehand exactly what your log cabin kits includes, any prep work you have to do before setting up, and whether or not you are going to build the log cabin yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. That way when you get your log cabin kit there will be no surprises.

A log cabin or log home like this can provide a wonderful place to live full time or a great place to spend vacation and holiday time. Now more than ever we are in need of time where we can relax, take it easy and spend some time away. This is because so many of us spend our days in front of computers, on phones, and devices whether for work, or after work, along with commuting to and from work, and for many people taking care of families. A log cabin like this, located in a place close to nature, is a great place for the family to unwind, and spend time outdoors, whether it be hiking, fishing, boating, or swimming. Spending time off of technology and doing things with the family is important for everyone to do as much as possible. A log cabin in the woods is a reminder for many people of time spent at the summer cabin with family and friends. A log cabin is a great place to make lasting memories, whether it be sitting around the campfire or fireplace, playing board games, or making dinner together, a place like this is a chance to spend some quality time with the ones you love.

These are a few floor plans to inspire you.  For more info please click onto the photo gallery link below.

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