Christmas in the Country!

Memories of an old fashion "Country Christmas"!  Yes Christmas Celebration not Holiday Celebration!  There is something so warm and comforting about Christmas and celebrating it with family and friends.  I'm sorry but Holiday Celebration just doesn't do it for me.  I want to celebrate Christmas! All my fond and warm memories of family and friends are wrapped up in that word Christmas!  So I will continue to say Christmas and celebrate Christmas.  No disrespect to anyone else's views but Holiday Celebration just doesn't cut it with me.

christmas in the country1

I love to hear the old stories about these old cabins and how they are remembered with a Christmas Celebration every year that would take place in November at the old Lagrange College site near Leighton, Alabama. Lagrange College was the first College in Alabama. It opened on January 11, 1830 with 3 professors and 22 students. Room and board was $40 for 5 months. This included bedding, washing and firewood. The empty college was burned down on April 28, 1863 and is now a preservation site for some old cabins, and a church as shown in these lovely photos!

 christmas in the country3

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy this special time with those you love!

christmas in the country

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