This might be the strongest Log roof system ever made!

Well, that is certainly a major concern these days what with Hurricanes , Tornadoes and Earthquakes happening like never seen before.

In these days where almost never a day goes by that we hear somewhere of the chaotic devastation from these events,  it is no wonder that we want to be sure more than ever that the place that we live and seek shelter from the elements is as strong as it can be.

Log Homes  are probably some of the strongest walls we can surround ourselves with.

Interlocking corner systems that create super solid yet flexible joints.

The shear strength of a 16" Douglas Fir log is obvious enough but then add to that the flexibility of wood held firmly in place with 3/4" threaded rod strategically located throughout the wall system and anchored solidly to the concrete foundation

Go one step further and take that strength right on through to the roof system and gables that are interlocked and bolted in such a way as to be solidly connected a wall system that a bulldozer cannot push over.

Now that's a real home.

One that keeps you safe through all of natures worst beatings

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Company Peco Log Homes
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