Crazy Looking Cabin Even More Crazy Inside!!!

In a world where everything seems to be so square, a crazy looking log cabin like this one stretches the imagination of what can be done in the world of construction, especially when left up to a mind of change to the ordinary. Far from ordinary, this round edge home displays imagination, style warmth and grace as it blends into its rural environment.


The current movement away from global rising housing costs has been rapt with custom creative engineering feats that redesign space with a vision of being comfortable and sustainable on reasonable terms for the homeowner. As such, many are looking for a home that reconnects with nature on an individualistic level. One of these daring, innovative solutions is called the “EcoPerch,” a state-of-the-art log cabin perfect as a year-round retreat or permanent family dwelling.


Built and designed by one of the best log home companies, UK-based Blue Forest, the EcoPerch can easily be transformed from ground to tree. As a ground or above ground dwelling, this type of structure is open to a variety of views and natural lighting as well as advanced accessibility as a ground level log home. Location-wise, it sits beautifully in a rural setting, reminiscent of peace and serenity while also adapting uniquely to an urban lot, bringing that sense of the rustic outdoors into the city. As its name suggests, the EcoPerch is both fabulously economical and leaves a very small ecological footprint on its surrounding environment.

Many different renewable energy options are offered to be custom outfitted into this log home such as photovoltaic solar systems and rainwater harvesting systems to allow for a complete “off-grid” effect.


Because Blue Forest is one of the best log home builders, the EcoPerch can be assembled in as little as five days, topping even the most popular log cabins. Cunningly crafted, the EcoPerch contains a wrap-around shingled roof which offers a naturalistic aesthetic while at the same time protecting the structure from the outdoor elements and providing insulation. Inside is a more modern approach to custom built log homes with gorgeous wood fittings and the latest amenities including an artfully compact but spacious kitchen and a bathroom complete with a shower. The main bedroom is innovatively located in the central unit while separate bunks have been designed into a smaller off-shoot room. The log cabin comfortably sleeps up to four people. As for lighting, the arched wrap-around extended exterior of this log cabin protects the central room from the glare of the sun, while allowing for natural morning or afternoon light to flood inside from the two main windows and the double glass doors. Custom low-voltage LED lighting is also outfitted into the cabin.


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