Early Morning Cabin Life

Good Morning! Or is it? Yay! It's 7:15 am, I'm up and I'm writing that is a great feat because we just went to daylight savings... eeeek! So, it's actually 6:15 am or at least that is what my body thinks. I am not a natural early riser even if I do live a country life. The animals and chores will just have to wait. To those out there that foolishly think all of us country livers are early risers, think again. There are many that are not and I am one of them... haha.

I live with a very early riser. He likes to be up before the sun so he can watch it rise. Can you imagine? Sounds all wonderful and poetic doesn't it. A few times a very few times I managed to drag my tired body out of bed, prop my eyes open and while hanging on to my warm cup of coffee for dear life, watched the sun come up. And you know what it was absolutely wonderful. I resolved then and there that I would do this every morning. Well, the next morning dawned. The sun was warm and inviting just as it was the previous morning, the birds were singing joyfully and I....... I was snoring peacefully. Well I can at least say I enjoyed it once....

That's country living! Enjoy it in your own special way. Even if it's not early.