Equestrian Paradise In Montana

Just you and Lone Mountain! Montana's lakeside log cabin comes complete with elk horn stairs, wooden pool table and great views
Architect Daniel Turvey designed the traditional, yet low-energy home
1,800-square foot cabin has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, coat and boat room
Interiors accented with elk horns and locally-sourced wood furnishings
Breathtaking views from all sides out across Yellowstone Park in Montana, USA
23A14AA700000578-2855930-The_1800_square_foot_home_boasts_five_bedrooms_-34_1417441665530It's like a scene from a movie.
This classic log cabin could easily be crowned the best in the world as it looks like something straight from a nostalgic family film.
The traditional wooden hut ticks all the boxes with its quaint characteristics and idyllic surroundings, cloaked in a glowing magical mist.
23A1507200000578-2855930-The_wooden_hut_was_designed_by_architect_Daniel_Turvey_-33_1417441665519The idyllic Headwaters Camp Guest Cabin looks as though it belongs in a nostalgic family film23A1504200000578-2855930-The_Headwaters_Camp_Guest_Cabin_is_located_in_Big_Sky_Montana_US-32_1417441665515The Headwaters Camp Guest Cabin's natural features include a stair bannister created from elk horns, furniture crafted from locally-sourced wood, and beams made from entire timber logs.
And in a stark visual contrast to the traditional interior, a pool table sits proud of place in the cabin's living area, bringing a touch of the modern world.
The hidden gem in the Yellowstone Park in Big Sky, Montana, US, is a five-bedroom yesteryear dwelling, which gives guests the opportunity to relax among exquisite surroundings, deep within the Madison Mountain Range.
The premium cabins at Headwater from from $270 (£171) a night and are the perfect spot to get away from it all.

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