Give Me Land, Lots Of Land!!!

REALLY get away from it all: The 65,000 acre estate with five islands, 13 log cabins, and 70 private lakes on sale for $79million
article-2291287-188E2042000005DC-552_634x478An extraordinary property in Quebec has been put on the market – but unlike many other extremely high-ticket listings, this one includes 13 log cabins, 70 private lakes, and five islands.
The estate, called Kenauk, is located an hour outside Montreal, is being offered for $79million – a bargain if you’re counting acres.
article-2291287-188E2023000005DC-137_634x474Land o'lakes: The property has 70 private lakes, each of them surrounded by forestsarticle-2291287-188E206A000005DC-720_634x455Listed by Sotheby International Real Estate Canada and profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Kenauk sits on a wildlife reserve, which is home to moose, bear, fish, and other protected animals.
But perhaps more interesting to prospective buyers are the 13 article-2291287-188E2046000005DC-168_634x462Scandinavian-style cabins, which each have between 2,000 to 4,000-square-feet and three and seven bedrooms.

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