Grandmother chops huge lineup of wood the old fashioned way

Watch this grandmother split wood like a pro, the old fashioned way

Please click the website link below for a good laugh.

Lining up a long row of Lodgepole rounds Granny pounds her way through an impressive load of wood using an 8 lb splitting maul and a lot of granny muscle.

No hydraulic splitter or fancy splitting machines needed here.

Set up for the challenge, Granny spits ,loads and delivers an average of a cord of wood a day to sell locally as part of a clean up operation at the end of the season

Pete and Granny ( Merel ) build log homes togetherĀ as their main jobĀ but at the end of each year there are plenty of logs left over that just never quite made the cut ( no pun intended)

So, why not put the waste wood to a perfectly suited use ?

The wood is dry and clean with no bark so pretty nice to load in the house for the chilly winter nights

Please click on the website link below to see the video.


Company Peco Log Homes
Website Visit Link Here
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