Have You Ever heard of Someone Riding a Cow

Apparently riding cows and steers is not a new idea.  I had no idea that many pioneer school children would ride the family cow to school instead of the horse because the horse needed to be used for the ploughing but once the cow was milked for the morning it was available for the children till the evening milking.

two girls with cows800px

Steers were ridden by North American Indians to raid farmsteads so the tracks would blend in with the loose cattle near the ranches. Then they would switch to a horse for a faster get away.

cow cantering 800px

I was curious about people riding cows and did a bit of research and I can't believe how many people are doing this.  One man said when he goes out to the pasture to bring the cows in he always rides one of the 13 back and the rest follow.  He said ten of the 13 can be ridden and seem quite happy to do it.

3 girls with cows 800px

I think this is so cool!  I love that these people can have fun with these cows and see them as a fun buddy.

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