Horse Dreams Getaway - Out of This World ! Total Horse Life Immersion!

Dreamy Horse Ranch Getaway

Out of this world


This is your dude ranch getaway dream come to life.. imagine experiencing the magic of a true

country getaway with ultimate freedom and adventure with the luxuriousness of a world class

resort set in the beauty of natural British Columbia. This all happens at the Siwash Lake Ranch!

This is not some ordinary dude ranch, this is a luxurious horse ranch experience where you will be

matched with your equine partner and mentored through the ranch’s expertise and in house

training to the point where you will start to discover the magical bond between horses and humans.

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You can ride to your hearts content and discover the beauty of the surrounding area, untamed

wilderness, rolling grasslands old growth forests, lakes, rivers and canyons. You can roam the

open range by yourself, just you and your horse or take a guide and your family or friends and be

shown all the secrets this beautiful landscape has to offer.

The ranch offers riding for beginners all

the way to expert riders, whatever your level, we know your expertise and horsemanship will



Some days you may want to do something a little different here and there are many other activities

you can participate in, fishing in the beautiful rivers and lakes, hiking or mountain biking. Maybe a

canoe ride or learn new wilderness skills, even skeet shooting! There is something for everyone

here. One of the unique things about this luxury resort is the outstanding personal service and

delightful accommodations.


Just the right balance of rustic nature and luxurious and relaxing

service and living arrangements. The Cariboo Suite at the Siwash Lake Ranch is a delightful

renovated loft above the hand-hewn log barn. It’s your home away from home and gives just the

right amount of privacy and convenience as its just a short walk away from the main Ranch house.

Small and exclusive, this ranch is one of the finest luxury wilderness resorts in North America, the

best of both worlds, we can’t wait to go!


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