Housing under $6,000 - Grab em while you can

The housing market is still in flux, no matter which way you look.  But in this post you can find Housing under $6,000 - Grab em while you can!  This is the state of affairs for most places in the United States.  The state of the economy has had people foreclosing on their homes for many years now, and a lot of these homes are still up for grabs to be purchased.  It is a sad state of affairs when people lose their jobs in the trying economy of the United States.  With so much money being poured into other areas, the people of America are left with no choice but to turn over the keys to their homes, some of which people have been living in for decades.

This has left the neighbourhoods of the cities barren, and destitute at times.

 From coast to cost, the prices of certain homes are as low as they may have been back when they were first built, maybe even lower!  Even though this is a great opportunity for people to buy into the housing market at low prices, the over all problem is much greater.  Homelessness is at an all time high and the poverty levels are astonishing.  Some of these houses would make for great renovation projects, or houses to be flipped and then sold for more money.

Some of these houses are beautiful, if you can look past the ware and tear of the last hundred or so years.  For example, in Cleveland, Ohio, you can purchase a multifamily home for $5000 US!  The house could be renovated and come out looking very lovely, or be made into apartments to rent out.  It would be wonderful if people bought them an perhaps turned them into low income rental units for people who need housing but can't afford too much per month.  Check them all out see if you can find one you would consider buying!

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