I Built My Own Log Cabin

Beyond the naturally inviting ambiance of a log house, the benefits that come with living in one are abundant. Many prospective home buyers today want a home that will be worth their investment, perhaps a home to leave behind to their children and grandchildren. Building these days isn't about how quickly the house can be built, but the quality and sustainability of the build and the materials used. Log homeowners have a resounding affection for building with wood and praise logs over stick framed or brick-built housing. Starting out with the building materials, we can see that wood has a few advantages over other building materials that just cannot be ignored. Using trees for building supplies means using materials that are a reliable and renewable resource. Trees can easily be replenished within sustainable tree farms once they are cut down for materials. These sustainable tree forests are certified to grow trees used for logs and lumber, and the activity in these forests is monitored and regulated. There are also log home builders who build log houses from what is considered "dead wood" because it has been eaten by insects. For example, in the United States, you can find beetle kill pine logs to use in log home building projects. They terminate all of the bugs and treat the logs so that they won't have insects in them any longer. This provides a way to use logs, potentially save some money, and repurpose a material, which is very eco-conscious.

Another main reason people love log houses is because of their longevity. These homes stand the test of time and the wrath of nature, who can offer up some pretty nasty winds and storms to contend with.

Plus, the flexibility of wood can handle the extreme forces beautifully, as well as earth quakes and tremors. Inside a log house, you feel safe within the strong walls, ready for anything. Some log houses in Europe have lasted well over 500 years which gives you an idea of how safe and reliable they are. Log homeowners also enjoy the comfort of a nice, warm and cozy home even in the depths of winter. Unlike sheetrock which can become cold to the touch, wood stays nice and warm because it has a high thermal mass rating. This is a natural property of logs that ensures the heat stays in the home. Logs can also be warm on the inside while being cold on the outside without allowing any heat transference. So the energy it takes to heat a log house and keep it warm could be significantly lower than conventionally built housing.

In more recent years, studies have also been done to show proof that living in a log house provides the inhabitants with amazing health benefits. With the rise in allergies and breathing issues, this is so important to people who are sensitive. Being around trees or living in a wood built home has been shown to produce positive psychological effects. Much like you may have noticed that being in nature gives you a sense of wellbeing, in the same way, living within the walls of a log house will have a similar impact on a person. Logs and trees, in general, have been proven to filter toxins from the air, keeping the indoor environment free from airborne contaminants. So people with allergies and sensitivities can breathe a sigh of relief. We can be sure that log home building practices are not disappearing anytime soon, and if anything, we may begin to see more of them being built across our nation.

Check out how I built my own log cabin, and photo gallery here

Company Check out how I built my own log cabin, and photo gallery here
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