I Need Some Advice on Custom Chaps

Help me decide on these beautiful custom chaps.  I'm new to chaps and they all look stunning to me.  Custom chaps are an expensive investment so I want to make an informed choice.


What would be some of the questions I should be asking to help me make a decision I can be happy with.


I want something that is attractive but also functional.


I do a lot of bush whacking but also would like to look nice in the ring if I did some showing.


I have the opportunity to do some penning and cutting and also some reining.  I'm just starting with these so I don't really know what is acceptable.


A friend of mine suggested chaps because we ride the trails a lot in heavily treed areas and we ride all winter in cold conditions so we are looking into ways to block the wind and stay a bit warmer in the winter and  protect our clothing from heavy branches.

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There are even more choices on their website link below but I think this gives me some good options.

Company Fringe western wear & leatherwork
Website Visit Link Here
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