Tiny House – Giant Journey!


How inspiring is this couple? They both found their stressful lives lacking in adventure and

happiness, so with a tiny budget and a tiny custom built house they both quit their unfulfilling jobs

to travel the world in a truly unique way.


The tiny house they built was purpose made to be towed behind a truck, sounds like a camper

right? Well sort of but this is truly different, built on a budget with their own bare hands, they

created something that was truly a home and something they could call home, wherever they

decided to park.


They started building their tiny home in California before moving to Illinois to add the finishing

touches before embarking on their grand tour of the US. They took a year to get it right and before

you know it an amazing journey had begun.


They travelled over 22,000 miles with their tiny house on wheels, and trekked through more than

thirty US states and even managed to visit five Canadian Provinces. We can’t even begin to

imagine some of the people they met and adventures they had along the way!


This tiny home was built to feel like a real house, and even though its been as far north as the

Arctic Circle and as far south as Florida, its still a home and not just a big tent on wheels. Complete

with sloping roof and bare wood walls, windows and gables it truly is a marvel of tiny home



Inside the home is custom built furniture and storage combined.

Everything has been made to be

multi purpose and not a single nook or cranny is wasted. Everything is functional and made to be

used with the least amount of effort.


The dining table is a piece of art on the wall until it flips down and creates a dining area that is

modular and fully functional. Many personal touches like the copper curtain rods and skateboard

holders make this home full of character and functionality. Shelves are reinforced and can be used

as steps to the upper level, so ingenious!

Truly a labour of love and the adventures of this couple as they travel round the continent are

really a marvel of how a simple life can be so fulfilling. They may be on a budget, but this is a life

truly rich in experience and wonder.

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