Inexpensive Day Bed Project

Imagine yourself sleeping comfortably under the stars on a warm summer night. Beat the heat with this easy and inexpensive project.
Furnishing your own home might seem problematic if you aren’t familiar with the marvels and ingenuity of the DIY community. It’s even harder when you have an outdoor space that needs to be filled in a fashionable and stylish way. Making a day bed wasn’t this easy before. The DIY project we suggest you follow to the smallest detail will in fact offer you a place of relaxation to treasure for days on end under the warmth of the Sun. Easily adjustable to the dimensions you see fit, this particular type of bed will make that outdoor area you improve really valuable. As for materials, you will only need some reclaimed hardwood, 2 by 4 pine wood, batting, bed foam, chipboard, craft glue and basic sewing materials. Gather your tools and follow the instructions provided in the tutorial.

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