Is a Log Home Kit the Best Choice?

The dream of owning a log cabin could come true using a simple and cost effective log home kit. There seems to be some misunderstanding about what it means to use a log home kit. The idea of a factory pumping out cookie cutter homes of identical design is very unappealing to most people. This really doesn't seem to be true at all. There are so many exciting designs to choose from and each design allows room for customizing. This makes each home feel unique and special to each owner.
Uniformity is a good thing when it refers to the cut of the logs and how they fit together. This makes construction much easier and also reduces the time it takes to complete the construction. So when you receive a kit, you receive a complete package of everything needed to build you home; the logs, flooring, all windows and doors and if in the plan, kitchen cabinets and any other customized built in designs. Every part is marked for correct placement and also the order it must be placed.
So, the difference between this well organized system and building from scratch with all sorts of shapes and sizes of logs becomes obvious. The labour and time needed to lay down the first set of logs and then cut and fit the following logs is far greater and so the cost is much higher.
All the work has been done in a fast and efficient manner to keep costs down and to speed up assembly on your property.

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