It's a Dog's Life

flying u2These two friends….

Live like a cowboy and find the freedom of the early Pioneer Days!

We love this place, tiny rustic cabins warm and cosy in the winter and cool and shady in the

summer. Named for the pattern of guest cabins arranged in a horseshoe shape, the flying u is a

unique holiday experience where you can make your own pioneer vacation come to life. One of the

only ranches you can take your trusty steed and go off on an unguided adventure, and really feel

like a proper cowboy or girl! Take your trusty best friend..

or a group of friends and make it into an

adventure you won't ever forget.

flying u

Every guest gets matched with a horse that suits their ability and then you get to ride off into the

sunset and dream of days gone by while you wade through rivers and streams, run across

grasslands and wander through the beautiful woods of the surrounding countryside.

flying u3

Stop for a while in a shady spot, the horses can graze while you unpack your lunch and just enjoy

the slower pace of life, watch the wildlife – deer and birds and maybe the occasional moose if you

get really lucky.

Once you get back home after a long day in the saddle, tired and happy… You can wash up and

then sit on the porch of your private cabin and wait for the bell for dinner, a tradition going back

100 years! In the dining hall you will sit at long tables and meet new friends, just like the old days,

good conversation and shared experiences will guarantee you will be making new friends that can

last a lifetime. After dinner, maybe a game of horseshoes or just relax and make some music.

flying u4


will feel the stresses of modern life just melting away from you. The kids will have the experience of

a lifetime and if you take your canine best friends with you, they will be so tired and happy being

country dogs again! What a great and unique vacation, never to be forgotten, what do you think?

flying 5

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