Living Beautifully & Simply!

Tim and Hannah make DIY look easy with this cute and cozy tiny home. They started with 20 acres of land and no blueprints for their tiny cabin. Tim had never built anything before this tiny cabin. Together they built this 196 square foot, off the grid tiny home. They had the desire to live simply so they took on this DIY project.  This is what made it special for them, the fact that they built it themselves. The most difficult part of this project was carrying all the materials for the tiny cabin through the woods down a trail to get them to the building site.


Advice they would pass on to others is to have a really large deck. The deck is about the same square footage as their tiny home.  It makes such a difference to have that beautiful outdoor space.  This makes it so much easier to live in a small space.


They were able to keep their costs down by using reclaimed materials which created an appealing and  interesting creative flare to their sustainable tiny home. The living room was designed around their cozy and comfy love seat.

The dining room consists of an Ikea table that works for two or can be folded out to work for 4 people or put away completely for extra space. They love to cook, so it was important to have the necessary items but they could not afford to clutter the kitchen space with anything extra.


The wood burning stove is where they do most of their cooking in their tiny cabin.  They had to make a custom sink area using an RV sink that drains into a 5 gallon bucket.  They keep a compost pile for the kitchen scraps and the household water. Food is kept fresh with ice packs in a Yeti cooler. Snow is melted on the wood stove for utility water and potable water is brought in. The view of the mountains from the bedroom loft is well worth the climb up the custom ladder that was necessary after Tim took a tumble off the A frame ladder that was used previously.


Summertime showers are easy with the solar shower outside their tiny cottage but winter is more of a challenge. They melt snow on the wood stove and brrr have their showers outside. This is the eco friendly tiny home way.  It's a simple life but look at where they are..... Stunning!!!


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