Log Cabin Bird House

I have always loved log cabins........big cedar logs, huge stone fireplaces, and a pleasant outdoorsy feel. There's just something special about log cabins. Someday I hope to build a log cabin of my own somewhere out in the middle of nowhere! But until then, I'll have to keep it small scale and build mini cabins. Like well...a log cabin for birds!

Print and cut out the patterns. Trace the patterns onto wood, and cut the shapes out. Depending on the thickness of your wood, you'll have to adjust these patterns a little bit.
Log_Cabin_Birdhouse.pdf178 KB

Glue the walls to the base, and glue the gables to the walls. I used Tightbond wood glue, if you plan on hanging it outside, you'll want to use a waterproof wood glue, like Tightbond 2. I made mine mainly for decor, and it turned out too nice to hang outside. But it's up to you.


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