Marmot Invasion !!!

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We live in the Okanagan and its a land of Ponderosa Pines and Desert Cactus
Low in the valley we are part of the Sonora Desert that runs from California all the way up into British Columbia Canada extending almost 500 miles north of the border.
Here in a land that is almost as natural as it was in the beginning of time lies the Okanagan Valley
Known as the Wine Capital of CANADA thousands of acres have been cultivated into vineyards.
A;long with that comes cattle ranching , logging and orcharding.
As with nature sometimes the balance is tipped a little and we see explosive numbers of certain animal species and the Marmot is no exception.
Here is a prime of example of a marmot colony that had exploded
In this one rockpile alone we counted over a dozen young marmots
They are very cute little critters but, they also have a very destructive side
The one really bad habit they have is chewing on anything and everything, especially rubber hoses such as gas lines , brake lines and radiator hoses.
I once came out to start my dump truck and when I turned on the ignition, I could smell gas immediately.
I shut the truck down and went to investigate and sure enough, the gasline had been chewed right off and fuel was flowing under pressure all over the engine compartment.
This is not the only time I have observed this.
They also have chewed my radiator hoses and I even watched one come to my deck and start chewing away on a steel weight bench I had sitting out there.
But this is the Country Life right?
Check out this crazy video of the little beggars

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