Massive Roots make magnificent entrance way

When it comes to log homes and cabins, there are a lot of amazing designs, all beautiful and different in their own way.   Like the amazing an unique design where these Massive Roots make a magnificent entrance way.  Now this home is sure to create a nice, warm and spectacular welcome.  There are some homes that you just can't forget, and usually the exterior design has something to do with that memorability.  You are drawn to this entrance way, even in the photo, just because it is so different, and magnificent looking.

It is something that intrigues you to want to know what the inside of the home looks like, and something that catches your eye, as it is so different from all of the other homes you usually see in neighbourhoods.  This gorgeous entrance way is made up of massive roots that serve as columns on each side of the door way.

 The way they have left the logs looks incredible, and so natural, which gives the home quite a fairy tale feel.  The large logs that make up the ceiling to the entrance porch, look stunning, in their natural form, with hardly any modification, except maybe for some clear coat sealer on them.

The logs look so great with the stone that makes up the home, and also with the awesome medieval looking wooden door, with iron accents.  The Peacock lanterns are a very lovely touch as well, bringing in a feminine aspect to a fairly masculine looking home.  The work and craftsmanship that must have went into this home is marvellous, and they really have made a great, and impactful entrance way.   This is why log homes are so special, they are made with natural elements, that look unlike any other kind of conventional building.  This is what sets them apart from the rest.

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