Must See Reclaimed Wood Cottages

From Trash to Treasure.

These beautiful cottages have transformed trash to treasure just like the ugly duckling becoming the beautiful swan.  What an exciting and interesting way to create a beautiful and unique living space and feel good about recycling in a very big way.

In these days when we are trying to protect our planet this has become more important than ever.

In a day and age when our world is all about consumerism and buying only to throw away in 6 months time only to buy again , the reclaimation of old wood that has been deemed unworthy due to sun and weather damage has now made a beautiful comeback .

Builders and new homeowners are now seeing the rustic beauty in a piece of wood that has stood up against the test of time and the elements and with this natural aging process has turned into something even more beautiful than its original new form.

Old barn boards that have been facing the weather and the sun for decades have a look that says strength and permanence with the lines and cracks that penetrate in the outer layer of the woods surface and create a beauty of timelessness that cannot be found in a freshly milled piece of wood.

Also, old bridge timbers that have carried many a heavy load and show the stress of the work that they have performed over the years are used in decorative columns, trusses, furniture and the list goes on.

What is mostly needed here to make something wonderful out of old wood is an imagination for something uniquely different and a true love for the strength that this wood that has been around for so long shows

Making use of reclaimed wood in a new log home or cottage is an art form and an expression of one’s desire to create a habitat that is sustainable, eco- friendly and aesthetically pleasing on all levels of our new age consciousness.

The next time you are driving by that old broken down barn, think “Reclaimed Wood”





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