Off Grid Tiny Cabin

Off Grid Tiny Cabin Made from Pallets and Reclaimed Lumber
What do you do if you have some leftover pallets from a previous project? You can make a smaller DIY project, like a pallet table or couch or think bigger and make an entire pallet cabin. As this next great example shows you, cabins can be made out of anything, even pallets and that’s exactly what Kevin Bentley used to build his own. The tiny 12×12 cabin was built out of leftover pallets and wood from another project, but the outcome is truly fantastic. This is a very great idea to try in your own yard in case you want to make use of all the space out there or for instance build a small storage unit. Such a tiny cabin can also be used as a guest house as it will prove to be useful in any situation. Watch the video to learn more about the details and the process of constructing a pallet cabin.

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