ONE OF A KIND Leather Travel Computer Bag!

Every bag is a unique creation. Created by a local artist. This custom design was created for a customer that travels frequently on business mostly by plane. This bag is designed and padded to carry a 17" laptop and a change of clothes. The customer wanted something practical and classy with a rustic flair. The design was put together to reflect the customers love of skiing and of the snowy winter mountains.

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satchel 800 px

The artist has a wide range of beautiful hides at her disposal. Most of the leather used is saddle leather which is very durable and will get soft and supple over time which adds to the beautiful rustic appeal of these bags.

hipster rabbit fur 800px

In past designs the artist has used as accent pieces rabbit fur, sting ray hide, alligator hide and rattle snake skin. The artist lives in an area that is also home to rattle snakes. If a rattle snake has been found dead on the road she will take the snake home skin it and tan the hide.

wallet and strap 800px

The hipster is a beautiful and unique design that is perfect for active customers. It is a belt that has a super cool cell phone pouch and then the sky's the limit with what each individual would like to also carry on the belt. This picture shows a wallet that is a slide on attachment and also a bear spray slide on attachment. Also pictured is a secret pocket for carrying small valuables. Other additions could be a knife holder or water bottle older. The hipster is used by people that like to hike, ride horses or any other activity where you want to be hands free.

hipster 800px

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