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Academic Art of Riding Bookazin.
This is a new book (series) about the Academic Art of Riding. The first book is about horsemanship and the relationship between horse and human and will be published this fall.

The book is bilingual which means there is both an english AND a german version of each article.

Academic Art of Riding

(Bent Branderup)

From the idea to the finished book project, what starts as a magazine idea goes as a book series in print. Another academic journey, this time quite literary.

October 2016 in Ainring and actually it is much too hot for the season. This is not just due to the autumn - summer temperatures. My head is smoking. In the lunch break, Bent Branderup and I have woven ideas - more precisely, it is about an idea for such a magazine around the Academic Equestrian Art.

A few weeks later, and some ideas further, it becomes concrete. The magazine idea becomes a book series. Concrete :

Academic riding 

To become one, two minds need to have what two bodies can (Bent Branderup)

In our fast-paced and digitized world, there is growing interest in a careful and well-thought-out training for riders and horses, which does not require any competition and pressure on horses and instructors.

With "Academic Riding", the Danish instructor Bent Branderup has revived a multifaceted method from the past of riding. The teachings of the old masters such as Xenophon, Pluvinel, Newcastle, Guérinière and Steinbrecht form the basis for a 17-stage training concept that addresses and promotes the body and spirit of the horse and the human being.

What have the old masters left behind us, where do they agree, and where do they meet with their criticism in the same notch? And how do new physiological, psychological and pedagogical findings fit into their recommendations? The "Ritterschaft der Akademischen Reitkunst" (Ritterschaft der Akademischen Reitkunst), which comprises more than 230 members of international origin in its brain pool.

15 to 20 of them provide their knowledge in the future 17 anthologies of the "Academic Equestrian Art". These are experts in communication, hoof health, osteopathy, gymnastics, body language, bitless riding, rehabilitation or psychology. From horsemanship to high school, they share their knowledge - always focusing on our two spirits who want to be together, what two bodies can be - to become one - and simply to spend time together beautifully.

The first issue will be published at the end of November.

Part 1

The first edition is about the level zero, that is, the foundation of the academic ladder. To horsemanship or otherwise called nursing care. The edition will be available in German and English, both languages ​​combined in one book. A number of authors are also involved in this project, so a total of 14 authors in the first edition have provided their knowledge about the first steps in academic riding.

The range is therefore international, it is about the topic of "leading" and guiding, guiding techniques and the first steps with the young horse to the horse's psyche, the mental strengths that we as trainers of the horses have to take with us and around Many stumbling blocks, which lead us to learn more awareness and awareness. Exciting it is also in the "trip to the riding art" - Bent Branderup takes us on his way from the children's school to the present in an exciting series. And in the academic toolkit, we present a special tool in each issue. After all, there is not any equitable problem in the subject of "hit a nail with the hammer in the wall".

I am very happy that with this book project we are able to capture the "spirit" of the chancery and the summer academy - when the students are exchanged, exchanged and we can learn and learn from each other.

So it will be really exciting ....


What? A book series on the 17 individual stages of Academic Riding

Magazine or book? It's actually a book! In order to be able to implement the project bilingually, we have decided on the book variant, but there will be interviews, articles, glosses - that is, readability will probably feel like a magazine, haptically but definitely a book. And the advantage is that even in a few years you can still start with issue 1 and collect the additional volumes individually or altogether - depending on the subject, mood and mood.

Who? The active authors are active members of the chancery, editor is Bent Branderup, chief editor: Anna Eichinger

As? The editions are published twice a year, in spring and autumn (March and September) in English and in German!

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